Don’t give me roses.

Give me these.



One thought on “Don’t give me roses.

  1. Roses are the most beautiful flower espesically when they are placed together in a array of colors just as people if they are of or in the right spirit. Knowing that its not just one that makes a bouguet but a combination. Some seem to think other wise. So I would perfer to be a rose thats part of a bouguet full of beauty & fragrants for someone else but yet as a single rose be of both beauty and fragrants that someone would like to add to yet a bouguet also, but knowing that I could be that one Rose that could also Shine all by myself representing the flower and the not the Thong that hurts but the Rose that brings joy! But rembering the difference when I would be a Single and when I would help make up a bouguet makes the better difference.

    representing the flower and not the Thong that hurts. Just a you! So I

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