Watching my steps…daily.

A sign outside my apartment building that gets ignored

Why do pet owners choose to ignore this kind of sign?

A recent story in The Clarion-Ledger written by Dustin Barnes explains why Belhaven University banned dogs from campus, a move that has unnerved students and people that like to walk their dogs there. When I read the story, I can understand why the university has taken this position. I’m sure not every dog owner neglected to pick up poop, but repeat offenders needed to be stopped. When the school’s president Roger Parrott said people had been putting their dogs in the fountains, like the private campus was some kind of public puppy pool park, that made me shake my head. A campus littered with dog waste, with a foul smell that blows in the wind is not a good look.

The school did have a pet policy that requires pets to be on leashes and waste cleaned up, but the school has to draw the line. However, it’s not fair for pet owners that have to find safe areas to walk their pets. And the story explains that Belhaven residents have complained of pet owners no picking up after their dogs. What is so hard about pet owners following a simple rule of courtesy and public health?

This brings me to a personal experience. I live in The Trace apartments in Ridgeland, going on two years in September. I enjoy living in this quiet complex that’s close to every thing I need. I also live near pet owners in neighboring buildings and I know exactly where they walk their dogs – mainly to relieve themselves on the grass – and I don’t see a scoop or plastic baggie on them. I wish I knew which neighbor failed to pick up poop so I could report them. Seriously. It’s gotten out of hand.

A sign was placed outside my apartment building several months ago when other residents complained to management about waste not being picked up. Yet and still, pet owners leave waste on paths where people have to walk to their cars. I always have to look down so I don’t step in crap. I even saw a huge pile in the middle of the bridge leading to my building WITH a footprint in it. O_o

Again, why can’t adults follow rules? It’s so annoying when I’m walking to the mail box or laundry room and I can smell dog poop. It turns my stomach. And I could complain, but unless I knew exactly who was leaving crap, management won’t know who to send a letter to. Ugh.

Until then, I will continue to watch where I step.


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