Hello August!

As I am always thankful for another day and another chance at life, I am happy that Fall is on the way. I have spent my second summer in Mississippi and it is definitely hotter than last year. And I’m not complaining too much since I love warm climates, but I can do without the humidity. With a new month comes the rent due, birthdays of dear family members (my youngest nephew turns two on the 12th, baby sis turns 21 on the 9th and my goddaughter turns one on the 6th) and I am close to three months in my new beat.

It sure hasn’t been easy, but it is a good learning experience. I’m making more connections and seeing places and cities I never have before. Being holed up in Madison County and venturing into Jackson every now and then didn’t really do me any justice. This is a good opportunity to really get to know my coverage area. I don’t cover education, but last night I attended the Rankin County School Board special meeting about the district settling with Pearl Public Schools over extending the boundaries. It was a good way for me to learn about what other districts are doing because I will report their news on the Suburban Digest page.

Another thing I look forward to is how the page will evolve. The main story rotates along the different cities represented on the page when at first, the stories were to only involve Brandon, Madison and Ridgeland. But why not include stories from other cities that don’t get much coverage? The editors believe it is working so far, and that makes me happy. Until we can get some jump room for the main story, I’m not opposed to keeping the page the way it is. Having the page and this blog for extra stuff is cool. Well, the blog was my idea and it’s not connected to ClarionLedger.com (yet). And I’m another warm body in the newsroom, so I get to do general assignment and weekend stories to help fill the paper.

I am happy to say that my stress level has lowered greatly. Let’s keep it that way heading into August.



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