News from the city of Ridgeland: Groundbreaking for Lake Harbour Drive widening project

Hooray! What Ridgeland residents and businesses have waited on for several years is finally here! The city will host a groundbreaking event at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 4, in front of Trace Ridge Baptist Church, 238 Lake Harbour Drive. Parking will be available in the church parking lot – and there’s plenty! 

Lake Harbour Drive is travelled by drivers from all over the metro area on a daily basis. It is a significant east-west route across Ridgeland. The widening project was identified as a critical east-west corridor in the 2003 city of Ridgeland Transportation Plan. The purpose for this project is to provide increased capacity for the road. The city will widen the road to four lanes with a center turn lane from Northpark Drive to Highway 51. The project also includes a multi-use trail and landscaping improvements. 

Special thanks to Sandy Monohan for keeping us all updated!


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