Here’s why tornado sirens in Ridgeland keep going off

From the city of Ridgeland:


Expert technicians have been trying since Thursday to find the source of a malfunctioning problem with the tornado sirens in Ridgeland. Since the sirens are passing all tests, the Ridgeland Police Department is suspecting tampering. Ridgeland police have the ability to track codes that turn the sirens on and off. The situation is under investigation. 

 Please be aware of the following:  the tornado sirens in Ridgeland will be turned on at approximately 12 noon today, Saturday, September 1, and then they will be turned off in order to avoid alarming residents. If there is a threat of a tornado, the sirens will be manually turned back on. Additional experts will arrive on Tuesday to inspect the sirens. City officials apologize for any inconvenience that this is causing residents, visitors and businesses in Ridgeland.”


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