My third Thanksgiving in Mississippi.

Go ahead and salivate…yes, you like it!

I’m learning to accept the fact that I no longer celebrate Thanksgiving at home in Cleveland, Ohio, with parents, siblings, grandparents, friends and many cousins. Last year me and my husband James spent Thanksgiving with a new friend and her family in her Madison home. I had met Ashlee Lucas a month before my wedding day at the Gail Pittman store in Ridgeland and had a great conversation after I interviewed her for a story on “‘Twas a Night with Gail Pittman.” She invited us to her home for Thanksgiving dinner and I felt so blessed and honored. James and I enjoyed all of the food and watched football games, so we didn’t cook our own meal that time. 

This year, we wanted to do something different and cook our own dinner. We didn’t receive any invitations from our few friends and church family, so we got some groceries to make the fabulous meal you see on the right. On Thanksgiving day, James started the collard greens in our new Crock Pot and I slept in (extra beauty rest is a MUST). Smelling the sweet savor of the greens, I arose, thanked God for a new day and joined him in the living room. We didn’t have breakfast, so I snacked on some kettle corn with honey peanut butter. After a quick trip to Walmart, it was time to cook! But, James didn’t allow me to help with the cooking. All I could do was the jalapeno cornbread. So I pouted for five minutes and put on “Sleepy Hollow” featuring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci. (Because I LOVE Johnny Depp, James gave me “Sleepy Hollow,” “Pirates of the Caribbean 4,” and “Sweeny Todd” as a wedding anniversary present!) Two or so hours later, I made the cornbread and we feasted! Then came the food coma. We woke up, went on a walk to Friendship Park so we could shed the first meal. The weather was perfect, as the cool breeze chilled my ears and arms. The colorful leaves crunched under our feet as we walked around the trail. Then it was time for dinner and some football. All the while we discussed what we’re thankful for. Obviously, we’re thankful for each other and our marriage plus the immense blessings from God. We talked to our families back home and relaxed the rest of the evening–Michael Jackson Bad25 documentary by Spike Lee was EXCELLENT! And I was in NO mood for washing dishes (they’re waiting for me when I get off work :-/). 

Despite being by ourselves this year for the first time, I wouldn’t have had Thanksgiving any other way. I was with my best friend who can cook his tail off, in our cozy apartment with heat, cable TV and good movies, and  red velvet cupcakes. To top it off, we drooled over my mother-in-law’s awesome food pictures on her Facebook page. We are enjoying these kinds of child-less moments as long as we can because my baby fever is at an all-time high. I’m so glad Thanksgiving was well spent, don’t you agree?


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