I learned how to make better videos to enhance my stories! Until yesterday I only knew how to shoot talking heads and random happenings in my beat, but I always wanted to get the formal training to produce videos that are informative, with emotion, good sound and make the audience feel like they’re with me. So, yesterday I went to Monroe, Louisiana with some colleagues to The News-Star for the Turbovideo training and met several reporters, photographers, online editors and multimedia journalists from other Gannett papers in Mississippi and Louisiana. It was fun and I learned a lot of valuable tools to do better visual reporting.

I don’t want to bore with you all that I took away from the experience, but I’d like to share a story video I put together. We all had to venture out into the city and find things to shoot. We ended up in West Monroe’s Antique Alley and it reminded me of main streets in Canton, Clinton and the Fondren area in Jackson. I took several photos, did an interview with a store owner, recorded audio clips, and pieced it together like a television news segment. Here’s the finished (amateur) product and my colleague Dustin Barnes makes a cameo appearance at the very end. Enjoy.


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