Team Pay It Forward (with more information from Suburban Digest column)

Today’s Suburban Digest column is from Brandon, about a group of students from Brandon High School in Team Pay It Forward. Art teacher Marcia Davis asked her students to help renovate a daycare center in Flowood, and the group has more service projects in store this year. To read the article, click here.

I didn’t have enough space to include more information about the Ronald McDonald House in Jackson where the group will do house and office chores on May 4. I’d like to share the Wish List of items needed and hopefully someone can help out the team and the Ronald McDonald House. You can reach Ms. Davis at (601) 447-8619 if you’d like to join the team that day.

Office needs: Postage stamps, print cartridge for HP printer (number 940 xl color and 940 xl black), Office Depot gift card.

Food/kitchen needs: Individual size boxed cereal (variety pack), individual snack food items (please no “nabs”/crackers with peanut butter or cheese), microwaveable meals, single-serve frozen dinners.

Cleaning needs: Liquid laundry detergent, self-squeeze mops with matching replacement mop heads, Mr. Clean floor cleaner, multi-surface cleaner (409/Clorox brand), disinfectant spray, disposable spoons, toilet paper.

General House needs: “Discount store” gift cards (I’m guessing any dollar store or Fred’s)

Share-a-Night Donor: $8 per night

Disclaimer: For health and safety of families, used items or stuffed animals are not allowed. If you have other gift ideas, call house manager Chris Kennedy at (601) 981-5683 before delivering them. The Ronald McDonald House is 2524 North State Street.

And, here are a few photos of the Ray of Sunshine Learning Center where the students painted the main hallway and left some nice artwork. Enjoy.

RayofSunshine2 RayofSunshine3 RayofSunshine1


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