Do I need to be a college student to hang out at Mississippi College?

Here’s why: The hangout space in Alumni Hall.

In my email inbox, I saw photos of happy students relaxing while studying in the new hangout space that was opened this month. Between classes, students can watch TV, eat (a must) and chat with friends in nice, comfy looking chairs. As of now, the hangout space will operate seven days a week staying open as late as 2 a.m. Doors open at 6 a.m.

Mississippi College leaders will add more amenities to the hangout space once classes resume in the fall, such as a space for table tennis games and a small enclosed meeting room. New offices for “The Collegian” and “The Tribesman” and other student publications are adjacent to the hangout space.

Now, I look young enough to be in college so I could stop by and sit in one of the chairs. They look that comfortable. Photos submitted by Mississippi College

MCHangout2 MCHangout3 MCHangout1


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