6 People You Become On Fridays

I’m #4. How about you?

Thought Catalog

1. The Admittedly Unproductive

From the moment you wake up, it’s established and accepted that Friday isn’t going to get a ton of productivity out of you. By setting your personal efficiency bar low, you have zero pressure to meet any type of expectations — and it’s Friday, save all that hard work junk for Monday thru Thursday. You refuse to feel bad for substituting studying, helping customers, making phone calls or writing notes with texting your friends about tonight’s plans and extensive YouTube exploration.

2. The In Denial Unproductive

You’ll tell yourself that you’re going to accomplish a lot on this glorious Friday, and while it’s cute that you strive for greatness, the lackadaisical aura that comes with the end of the week will outweigh your desire to take on a heavy workload. Seeing everyone else take extended breaks, browse the Internet and half-assedly cross T’s and dot I’s…

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