Burgers and Blues will host 100th birthday celebration of the American Cancer Society

One hundred years ago, the American Cancer Society began the fight of a lifetime – the fight against cancer. With the help of donors and generous restaurant owners like Burgers and Blues, the American Cancer Society is leading the way in transforming cancer from deadly to treatable and from treatable to preventable. Because of donations, today, 2 out of 3 people diagnosed with cancer are surviving (for at least five years). In fact, more than 400 people a day in the U.S. are celebrating birthdays that would have otherwise been lost to the disease.

As a way to celebrate the American Cancer Society’s 100th birthday, Burgers and Blues of Ridgeland has decided to host a 100th birthday party on Tuesday, July 30. Burgers and Blues will donate 10 percent of all food sales that day. Guests will also be allowed the opportunity to make donations directly to American Cancer Society. The party features entertainment from the Jesse Smith Band.  

“We are so grateful to Burgers and Blues for hosting such a great event for us,” said Amanda Patton, Executive Director.  “As we celebrate our 100th birthday, we realize how important each and every birthday is. We’re determined to make this cancer’s last century and finish the fight – not just in America but for people everywhere. We can’t do this alone. We need generous donors to join the fight against cancer by providing donations or coming out to the party and buying lunch or dinner.”  

Donations given to the American Cancer Society go toward not only research, but making sure people facing cancer have the help they need, like a free place to stay during treatment and a ride to get there. It also helps to continue the fight to ensure everyone has access to quality healthcare, lifesaving screenings, clean air, and more. 

If donors would like to make a donation but cannot make it to the birthday party, they can drop them off or send them to American Cancer Society, 1380 Livingston Lane, Jackson, MS 39213.


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