Changes to Suburban Digest

I’m back off my one-week vacation rejuvenated and happy to be writing again. Right before I went home on August 2, my supervisor told me that the newspaper sections would change (again) to provide more space for news. So, the Suburban Digest page would be reduced to half. No more column, photo, or quotes, just briefs. 

If you saw last week’s 10A page, the briefs took the top half of the page and legal notices and an ad from WLBT were on the bottom half. The briefs are still online. My editor wants to keep the weekly columns going in Metro because coverage of the ‘burbs is very important (not only to me, but I’m sure several readers appreciated seeing their community represented on the page every Thursday). 

As of now, I’m only planning briefs for this week. I’m not sure how soon I will get back to writing the column or which section it would be in, so I will keep you posted. And, I’m no longer writing columns for the nondaily Hinds Ledger newspaper, so that gives me some extra time to devote to daily and enterprise stories. 

On a positive note, I will continue to update this blog with happenings in the metro area and I’m always open to tips, ideas and constructive criticism on how the Digest can be better for you. You may reach me at (601) 961-7067, and follow me on Twitter @Terricha_CL. 

Thank you.


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