So Amibtious

My Morehouse brother raises a good point. When you have dreams and goals, don’t let backbiters be your only motivation. Accomplish your goals and dreams for your own happiness!

Single Dadventures



I’ve never believed in the mantra “Make your haters your motivators.”  However, when one does find success it is only natural to think about all of those who may have made negative comments that could deter others from one’s vision.  The second to last song on Jay Z’s mixed-reviewed Blueprint 3 is one of my favorite songs he’s ever made.  The song starts with an a minor chord and Pharrell Williams saying “3 in the morning on the West Side Highway.”  The chords and the quote set the mood for the song (There is nothing like driving on the West Side Highway at 3 AM.  I find it to be one of the best time and places to reflect while driving).  Off the bat, the song had me drawn in.  Mr. Carter then raps about all of the people who have told him that he didn’t have what…

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